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Oscar Tipton

Board of Director

Oscar Tipton is a native Oklahoman who is a licensed minister and holds a degree in Human Services.  His heart is truly to help direct others not to fall victim of preventable situations. His passion began at an early age while severing as a Youth Minister at his local church and a Counselor at the State Juvenile Detention Center. Oscar continues his mission to help his fellow man by participating in various retreats to educate himself on current sociological challenges that many face on a daily basis. He makes a difference in his community in his efforts of cooking and feeding the homeless on a regular basis. He is currently the Owner and Chief Chef of Can’t Be Beat BBQ and serves as a board member of Steel Hope, one of the most progressive non-profit organizations in Fort Worth, Texas. His motto is “To be a great leader you must first be a great servant.” Oscar is on a mission to serve the underserved population in the Fort Worth area. 

Oscar's motto: "To be a great leader you must first be a great servant."


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