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Week of Thanks and Honoring Hometown Heroes

November 12, 2022

Steel Hope's Week of Thanks

Our founder Joshua L. Holm and team were encouraged to honor our hometown heroes after attending an event in Granbury for Memorial Day Weekend with Gold Star Mom Gail Joyce.  The time of reflection for those who have sacrificed for our countries freedom is something that really can't be explained instead it must be experienced.  That is the reason we knew we had to have an event honoring America's veterans and first responders and what better time than around Veteran's Day.  The flags and banners will be displayed in the ranch field November 6-12th.

Hero Banners and Flag Tags

Deadline to order hero banners will be October 1, 2022 in order for us to have enough time to get them printed.

Hero Banners $150.00

Flags $40.00


Hero Banners

Banners are 18x36", double sided on durable vinyl and includes a photo of your hero, name, rank, service, etc. 

The flags and banners will be displayed in the ranch field November 6-12th.

Hero Banners are $150.00


Flag and Tags

Your personalized tag will be attached to a 3'x 5' American flag (made in America) on an 8' PVC pole that has flown in the field at Steel Freedom Ranch. After the field closes your Flag assembly is yours to keep as a memory of your Hero/Warrior.


The Flag, the pole along with your personalized tag will be available for pick up after the event on November 12th or at the field on Monday November 13th 11 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. 


If you are unable to pick the flag assembly up in person, the flag and your personalized tag will be removed from the pole. The flag will be folded and both will be packaged and saved for future events at Steel Freedom Ranch.

Flag Tags are $40.00

Event Poster PDF

 Please print and share posters with your friends and post at your favorite establishments  

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