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Steel Hope Foundation in Nigeria


To empower young people by providing economic opportunity, education and leadership that instills values and unity


STEEL HOPE Nigeria core values are centered on providing a ray of hope for the future.


We work in partnership with NGO’s, CBO’s, private and public sectors on our core programs which are:

1.  Youth Engagement Strategies (YES) - Youth engagement begins with training for adults that work with youth ranging from traditional programs that treat youth as clients to organizations that are led by youth and for youth which will result to involving young people in the creation of their own destinies through our training in which focuses on Leadership and Entrepreneurship development through skills acquisition training

Youth-serving: The program targets youth as consumers of service

Youth input: Youth evaluate or provide feedback on the program

Youth-engaged: Youth are involved in program development and/or delivery and

Youth-led: The program concept and/or organization came from youth

Youth-connecting: The activity facilitates youth interaction and builds connections through social mediums

2.  Ability In Disability (AID)- This program is for both military and non-military disabled for Furthering Inclusive Learning and Development (FIELD) through our training and scholarship programs

3.  Marginalized and abused children and women (MCW) – This program is for Women and vulnerable children that are abused as results of gender, race, ethnic origin or socio-economic status. Higher levels of vulnerability are often associated with children with disabilities, who are orphaned, indigenous, from ethnic minorities and other marginalized groups. Other risks for children are associated with living and working on the streets, living and detention, and living in communities where inequality, unemployment and poverty are highly concentrated.

The establishment of The Child and World Centre for rehabilitation is our goal to tackle this menace

4.  Health and Hunger (H&H)- This program fights on dreaded diseases like malaria and HIV. Our hunger strategy is to help fight malnutrition among children in rural areas in Africa

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Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is a port and the most populous city in Nigeria. It is the second fastest-growing city in Africa and the seventh in the world. The population of Lagos according to the Lagos State Government, was 17.5 million. These figures are however disputed by the Nigerian Government and judged unreliable by the National Population Commission of Nigeria. The latest reports estimate the population at 21 million, making Lagos the largest city in Africa.

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