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Melissa Bird

Retired Flag Program Coordinator

Melissa Bird started Retired Flag Project 10 years ago and last year joined Steel Hope to continue and expand her passion. To this date Retired Flag Project has gifted over 6600 flags to veterans! Follow the Facebook page to keep up with the program.

Melissa Bird a marine mom started the Retired Flag Project after a sweet friend (then coworker) acquired a flag from a Legion building being torn down, and donated the flag which kickstarted RFP. She came up with a poem and had the thought of doing something to help encourage active duty and veterans alike. Here is in her words why she started folding old flags to give away with the amazing poem she wrote.

"Why do I give away flags? it solely for Patriotic Pride?.....No

Is it solely because I'm a Marine Parent?....No

Although those things are part of it, it's also the Symbolism. It's taking something this is torn up, messed up, dirty, faded, thrown out and ready to be burned--to cleaning it, getting the stains out, folding it to look the best it possibly can, giving it a new purpose, and giving it to someone even if it's just to make them smile or to give them a little HOPE.

We all have scars and imperfections, some visible, some internal, some have military scars, some are from things that have happened in life, sometimes feeling messed up and not worth it, sometimes not looking our best, but we still have value and purpose, even if it's redirecting life's journey and finding new purpose.

We are all still worth it....

We all still have value....

These old flags still have value, so do you!

All that put together is why I give away flags.

This is not a political project, only a Marine Parent, that found a way to honor and share some old flags, and hopefully give a little message of motivation to anyone feeling life has gotten a little "sideways". Keep looking for your purpose, don't give up.

God Bless"

Melissa Bird



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