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Kathy Blaschke

Missions Director

Kathy is the Missions Director for Steel Hope and she has had a heart for helping others her entire life.  As a mother of four, her mission statement for her family has been “Serve God by serving others”. She has served in many capacities in her churches, local community centers, the homeless communities, numerous schools and athletic teams.  She has a passion for wellness and personal training as well and in educating people to live vibrantly by becoming healthy from the inside out. She has her own transformation story of journeying from hopelessness and lives each day to be a light for others.


Kathy had the opportunity to travel to the Gambia, West Africa in 2014 and fell in love with “The Smiling Coast of Africa”, where she has been able to help many children, families, schools and churches for the past five years.   She is looking forward to expanding her vision for helping others by being a light in His world.


Kathy's family motto: “Serve God by serving others.”



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