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Julie Norris

Chief Operations Officer

Julie Norris is the COO for Steel Hope.  She started her career in the technology industry working in Information data technology in various management roles for a large retail corporation. She then moved to Marketing and Sales technology where she spent 20 years doing executive presentations demonstrating marketing technology. A few years ago she began searching for ways to help local veterans and possibly build tiny homes, as she and her husband recently built a tiny home near Granbury.

She is the daughter of an Air Force Veteran, but he never served for long and they did not have a great relationship. Thru participating in these events, she found forgiveness and respect for her father and wanted to serve our veterans. In February, 2022, she met Joshua and Crystal who were in Granbury promoting their foundation and the ranch and retreat in Mineral Wells. She immediately felt connected to them and their vision and knew of their mentor, which gave them immediate credibility.

The stories she heard from visitors to the Memorial Day events was so rewarding it fueled her and her husband Boyd to shift their involvement to Steel Hope Foundation, where they really thought they could connect on a more personal and greater scale. Julie and Boyd have several first responders in the family as well as Boyd’s dad is a survivor of Normandy Beach. Julie has a heart for others and has grown more and more involved over the last year, helping to establish the Unity Field at Steel Freedom Ranch event as the anchor for the vision that Steel Freedom Ranch will become. Julie feels very blessed to be working alongside Joshua, Crystal, and several other great people in helping our veterans and first responders recover and rediscover their life’s vision.



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