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Joshua L. Holm


Joshua L. Holm, the Founder of Steel Hope, has always had a heart for others.  His primary role as the Chief Visionary Officer at Steel Hope is to keep the vision intact.  He has a love for all people, but a special place for people with mental and physical disabilities. Due to both physical and mental disabilities that were sustained while serving in the military, Joshua has a passion to help others with injuries.  Joshua is a very passionate individual with a drive and enthusiasm that is undeniable.   


He has a desire to restore our communities one person at a time. Joshua has begun by becoming a certified mentor through the Tarrant County Veterans Court (Vet Court).  He has also obtained certifications through the Military Veterans Peer Network as a Peer Support Specialist and a Peer Group Facilitator.  He is mental health first aid certified as well.  Furthermore, he is a motivational speaker, life coach, and a published author.


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Joshua's philosophy in life:  “Reflect on the past, perfect the present, to protect the future.”

Joshua's motto:  BE STEEL


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