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Vice President Education

Christopher “Tex” Colleps is the Director of the Steel Hope Warrior Division. Tex is a combat veteran who served 7 years in the United States Marine Corps Reserves and 3 years in the United States Army.  He is a husband and father of three children.  He joined Steel Hope because his time in the military and experience with his wife’s incarceration developed in him a special place in his heart to serve veterans and the incarcerated. Tex and the Warrior Division strive to help and provide resources for veterans, police, fire, and first responders as well as the families of these individuals in their times of need.  Since becoming a part of the Steel Hope family, Tex has also become a certified mentor through the Tarrant County Veterans Court (Vet Court), where he is able to mentor incarcerated veterans.  Furthermore, he obtained certifications through the Military Veterans Peer Network as a Peer Support Specialist and Peer Group Facilitator.  He loves that he is able to positively impact others, whether it be with one-on-one or group peer support, through his work at Steel Hope.  Tex is an ardent advocate of second chances.  He believes that people’s poor choices and mistakes from their pasts should not dictate their futures.  Though adversity is an inevitable part of life, he believes that the true character of people is most evident in how they choose to respond to those adversities.  His personal journey with Christ has led him to understand and embrace the importance of living a Christ-filled life, and he wants others to discover the peace found in living a Christ-filled life as well. 


Tex’s motto: “Let’s live a life of freedom from victory rather than forfeiting from fear of loss.”


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