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Doc Neuman

Nonprofit Development Coordinator

Brendan "Doc" Neuman is a the Nonprofit Development Coordinator for the Steel Hope Foundation, a retired Airborne Army Combat Medic and Veteran Business Owner from Graford, Texas. He was born in September 1984 and spent his childhood in various locations around Texas due to his father's job in the construction industry, where he started his career as a young adult. By the age of 21 he was an Assistant Superintendent for a Commercial Construction Company.

Doc is most proud of his 3 Children ages 16, 6 and 4.

In 2009, Doc joined the United States Army and trained as an Airborne Combat Medic. He served as a Line Medic, an Ambulance Squad Leader, Senior Line Medic and Department Noncommissioned Officer in Charge in various units, including the 1-505 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade and the 1-73 Calvary Squadron, Evans Army Community Hospital and was responsible for managing medical readiness and providing emergency medical treatment in combat and training environments.

After leaving the Army in 2019, Doc founded Borderlands Property Maintenance, LLC, with the objective of making the world easier for veterans. He has utilized his skills in automotive technology, supply chain management, process improvement, customer care, administration, clinical work, troubleshooting, management, heavy equipment operation, and engine building to manage his business successfully.

In addition to his military service, Doc has completed various courses and programs, including the Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt, HAZMAT Training, and EMT-Basic certification. He has earned 53 semester hours from the United States Army, 13 semester hours from the University of Maryland University College, and 75 semester hours in Automotive Technology from Lincoln Technical College of Technology.

Doc's dedication to serving his country and fellow veterans has earned him respect and admiration from his colleagues and customers alike. He continues to be an asset to the veteran community through his business and advocacy work.

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