"Our Heart Beats for Others"

Our mission is to build, equip, and empower others to be people who will continually (BE STEEL) 
Believe, Expand, Stand, Transform, Encourage, Enlighten, and Love around the world.


About Our Founder

Joshua L. Holm the founder of Steel Hope has always had a heart for others and realized he wanted to do more.  He had a vision of helping others in a very big capacity and knew that it was something he could not achieve on his own.  Joshua was stirred to begin an organization that was dedicated to helping others.  He has a heart for all people, but a special place for people with mental and physical disabilities.  Joshua has a passion to help others with injuries after having both physical and mental disabilities due to injuries sustained while serving in the military.  With your help we could all achieve great things in restoring our communities one person at a time.
For more information about Joshua L. Holm visit www.themanofsteel.com